Let's be honest: any project needs a good carousel or slider. To create your own could be time consuming, so i created list some of the very useful JavaScript sliders.


1. Glide JS


Glide JS is my first pick - always. Easy to implement, smooth performance and it has a very good Angular 2+ wrapper as well. Check it out here: https://avivharuzi.github.io/ngx-glide/



2. Slick carousel


According to authors of Slick this is the last carousel you will ever need.

Definitely worth of checking. Also you can find several Angular 2+ wrappers:



3. Swiper


Did not worked with this one much, just because did not had a chance, but for sure will be in one of my future projects. The list of companies  using this slider is impressive: BMW,  CISCO, Disney...
Check it out 


Of  course there is a bunch of Angular wrappers, and here is one example: